Dog Behaviour & Training in Somerset


Sarah Cooke

Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)
Registered Accredited Animal Behaviourist
Full Member of The Canine Behaviour & Training Society

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I am Sarah Cooke, a canine behaviourist and dog trainer. I run Dogaffinity, offering a specialist dog behaviour and training service in Somerset. My passion is to help dogs and people to achieve new success using kind, gentle, positive methods and a deep understanding of how people and dogs work best together. My aim is to bring out the best in you and your dog, to help you progress to pastures new - whatever challenges you may face.

At Dogaffinity I offer a variety of services to suit your needs - from puppy training classes and one-to-one sessions to in-depth dog behaviour consultations in and around the Somerset area.

Dogaffinity is based in the Cheddar Valley area, Somerset. I also work in association with Westfield Vets in Wells, Somerset, and with you and your dog in your own home.

From puppies through to adult dogs - whether you have rescued your dog or it has joined your family as a new puppy, building your relationship together is important. I aspire to teach you how to communicate with your dog effectively whilst understanding and learning about your dog's inherent breed characteristics and ages and stages of life. Whether you are celebrating a new success or despairing about your dog's behaviour, sharing that experience and supporting you and your dog is what I do best.

Need help with your dog? Give me a ring or send me an email.

Telephone: 01934 900548

Mobile: 07920 554619