Thinking of getting a dog...??

Dogaffinity offers a service for you to explore the type of dog that might be most suitable for your lifestyle and family.

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If you are thinking of getting a dog, choosing a type of dog that will compliment your lifestyle and family set-up is really important, whether that be a puppy or a rescue dog.

All too often people are drawn to choosing a dog for misguided reasons; common reasons tend to be because:

  • people feel sorry for a dog
  • the puppy was the last one in the litter
  • breeder put the puppy in my arms and I couldn’t say no…
  • for aesthetic reasons or because a dog just looked so cute…
  • our friends have a dog of a specific breed and we really liked it, so wanted one too
  • we had a dog just like this when a child
  • because they believe a particular breed has far greater intelligence than other breeds, when in fact all dogs are capable of learning when given opportunity, guidance and consistency. Breed specifics do play a part in how quickly a dog learns and what the dog is actually capable of achieving as an end result – for example: bigger breeds can be less agile than smaller breeds; working-line dogs tend to be busier than non-working line dogs, even within specific breeds of dog and coat colour can also play an important part.

If you are thinking of getting a puppy, understanding where to choose a puppy from can be difficult, particularly with so many puppies available through online sources and a rise in trophy dogs and fashionable breed types. Understanding how to source a reputable and experienced breeder and making contact is the first step towards getting the right puppy for you.

If you are thinking of rehoming a rescued dog, look for a reputable well organised rescue organisation or a registered Charity. Be prepared to visit the rescue-centre multiple times to give yourself and the dog plenty of time to get to know each other. Ask yourself: does the rescue organisation offer post-homing support and if so how long is this available for.

Doing plenty of research can make all the difference in getting on the right road to bringing a new dog into your life as you and your family will be sharing your life and your home with the animal for many years to come.