Dogaffinity offers the following services, individually tailored for your pet's needs.

Dog Walking service

Our dog walking service is individually tailored for your dog’s needs. The service is available to walk up to a maximum of three dogs from the same family only, depending on temperament, size and breed type.

Each walk includes an additional arrival time and settling time after the walk to ensure your dog is well settled before being left.

Dogaffinity requires your written permission to allow your dog off-lead during walks. Therefore, if your dog has a reliable recall, is of sound temperament with both people and dogs and you would like your dog to enjoy off-lead time in secure places we will need your written consent.

Pet Day Care service

Our Pet Day Care service is available to people who would like their pets cared for from their own home.

This service is available for dogs, cats and small animals, therefore if you have a pet that needs caring for during the day, please get in touch to ask if we can help.

Dog walks and outings are a regular part of the day care service to ensure your dog has the best possible time during our care. Whether that be keeping to your dog’s regular routine of nearby walks, making outings to visitor attractions that cater for dogs, a trip to the beach, quiet walks in the Mendip hills or simply spending time in the comfort and security of the animal’s own home.

A minimum booking of four hours is available for dogs, after which bookings can be extended hourly.

Pet Sitting service

This Pet Sitting service is available to people who would like animals cared for in their own home. For a dog this is often the best option as it means minimal disruption to the animal's routine whilst you are away and a much more relaxing time for both you and your pet whilst you go on holiday or need to stay away from home.

By moving into your home when you are away, your pets can be provided with care and company both day and night. On rare occasions dogs may be left alone for periods of up to 3-4 hours, more commonly this will be less and on some days your pets may not be left alone at all.

Dogaffinity can cater for dogs suffering separation anxiety, should that be the case with your dog, get in touch to discuss your pet’s needs.

Please note: Prior to using any of these services an initial meet and greet visit is carried out for us to get to know each other, to meet your pets and understand their needs.

Telephone: 01934 733716

Mobile: 07920 554619