Piper Chick

Piper Chick is an ex-racing greyhound that I fostered 2 years ago for Greyhound Rescue West of England. This very special dog was so terrified of people, that they never saw her out of her bed when they went into the kennel block-she was always in her bed quivering. The rescue did everything they could do to try and rehabilitate her, but were pleased when I offered to foster her with my other dogs.

I was already training some of my other dogs with Sarah, and she was able to advise me how to cope with this very special and damaged dog. We had one to one sessions, where I was able to bring one of my other dogs to support her. Sarah's assessment of Piper was so right - she wasn't a nervous dog really, but one that had been very badly treated at some point. [back to all testimonials] As a failed racer (she completed 9 races) Piper was taken to a pound in Ireland to be PTS - nobody knows what she may have been put through during that time.

Sarah advised me on all aspects of how to help this dog and very soon Piper was confident enough to take her Bronze Good Citizen award which we achieved together.

Piper has continued to blossom into a cheeky, happy, well balanced dog. She is a delight to own (yes a failed foster!!) She goes on collections raising money for greyhounds less fortunate than herself and has turned into a delightful and confident dog that I am able to take anywhere I want to.

I have found Sarah to be a very skilled with behavioural and training issues with all my dogs. She is as skilled with the humans as she is with the dogs with a very positive approach to both. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and her flexible approach and gentle humour always leaves me feeling much better about my dogs and myself after a visit to Dogaffinity.

Sarah also volunteers for Greyhound Rescue West of England and has been hugely helpful with the kennel dogs who visit the training centre, she has also helped me to learn more about dog communication skills in relation to socialising the rescue dogs with other breeds.

Caroline & Piper Chick. June 2013