Petra is a rescued podenco whom I adopted in 2008. She had a difficult start in life and exhibited a lot of tricky behavioural problems as well as having very high anxiety levels. Over the years I have worked very hard to find ways to help Petra cope in the big scary world; supporting her when she needed it, pushing her boundaries when she could cope with it and trying to understand and love a very troubled dog with difficulties that really challenged me. I sought help from dog professionals with varying degrees of success along the way, as well as putting in a lot of work myself and supporting Petra with training, complementary therapies, holistic veterinary approaches and other healing modalities. It wasn't until I started to go for one-to-one sessions with Sarah at Dogaffinity that I began to really have fun with Petra - something that was sadly lacking for us. [back to all testimonials] Petra loves to learn, she is very bright and training is something that really suits her. She finds confidence in the structure of training and it really helps us to develop our bond together. We do a lot of different activities in our sessions, tailored to our individual needs - the main objective is for us to do things we both really enjoy.

Sarah really understands Petra and I don't say this lightly as she has often been misunderstood by other professionals. She knows how to work with the bond I have with Petra, to guide us towards our goals with great sensitivity and skill, and to observe Petra closely so that she doesn't lose her confidence at any stage. One of the most important things to me is that Sarah has taken the time to get to know Petra, and it means such a lot to me that she genuinely likes my dog and can see what a special girl she is. Sarah offers me such a lot of knowledge, support and practical advice that means she really brings out the best in me and the scruffy black dog that I love so much. Thank you Sarah, you have done so much for us.

M.W. Somerset. May 2013