I contacted Sarah in July 2012 as we were struggling with our 4 year old Cocker Spaniel, Phoebe. Her behaviour when either the postman or a delivery man called at our front door as causing us concern. Sarah came to our home and worked with our whole family showing us support and sharing her knowledge and her practical advice. With Sarah's calm and positive approach she was able to teach us how our actions speak louder than words in a dog's world. She was able to show us how Phoebe reacted to our body language; her surroundings and how we had fuelled her behaviour on fast forward! [back to all testimonials]

I have continued to take Phoebe to individual sessions once a fortnight and working with Sarah has shown me it is obvious that Phoebe adores learning, also how much I have loved watching Phoebe's skills grow. Phoebe enjoys these sessions and the time we spend together so much she 'sings' when completing her tasks!

Phoebe will never win an obedience class at Crufts or Britain's Got Talent but with Sarah's help and support we can now understand why Phoebe reacts like she does and Sarah has shown us how we can manage her behaviour...making a happier and calmer home for all!

Louise Ainsworth & Phoebe. July 2013